Monday, February 3, 2014

Feeding Tube Awareness Week 2014 - NOTHING CAN HOLD US BACK!

So often, when faced with the decision to place a feeding tube, families grieve the normal life that their child will lose.  How did things get so awful?  How can things ever be right again?  Is there such thing as "normal" in our lives anymore?

The answer - and I promise you, I wouldn't lie - is the theme of this year's Feeding Tube Awareness Week.  Nothing Can Hold Us Back.

Through our own experiences and our journey with Aidan, never once have I seen a feeding tube stop a kid from being a kid.  Take a mental picture now of whatever you can imagine life with a child on a feeding tube to be like - some days it's harder than that - most days it's easier than that - and these kids will never stop surprising you.  Tubie Kids are some of the toughest out there.  Truly, Nothing Can Hold Them Back!

February 9-15, 2014 is Feeding Tube Awareness Week - Stay tuned next week as we share more about our life with our Tubie.  And as always, you can learn so much more at

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