Friday, January 3, 2014

You are THREE!

My Sweet Little Boy is THREE!

I'm almost certain it was only a few days ago that he was born.  I just found this comparison shot of Aidan on the day I brought him home from the hospital, and then 11 weeks later.  How did either one of those Baby Bears turn into the little meatball rolling around my living room today?

A visit to Nutrition yesterday told us that he is up to 27lb 5oz (8th Percentile!) and 34 1/4 inches (1.5 Percentile).  He is still completely tube fed, "eating" 1215ml of Elecare Jr every day.  We feed at 65ml/hr and I still feel wholeheartedly that Tube Feeding is the greatest thing we have going.

Aidan started Preschool in December in Miss Kristy's class and he's doing AMAZING.  He does a great job with his alphabet and is working hard on his numbers.  He loves his new teacher and is learning to share and play with his new classmates.

He's transitioned out of Early Intervention and we've had to say some difficult goodbyes to Miss Amy, Miss Kati, and Miss Noreen.  While we wait for our new IU team to fall into place, we have added another wing of support from Wraparound.  Miss Heather and Miss Jamie have joined us every week, and Miss Taylor will be starting next week.

Aidan adores his best friend Teddy - Teddy helps him to be brave and try new things.  Teddy is like a brother to him, and I can't wait to see what Aidan thinks of Teddy's new baby brother in a couple of weeks.  We never would have gotten Aidan into a Halloween Costume this year without Teddy!

Aidan still LOOOOOOVES Blue's Clues, but has expanded his little world this year to include The Bubble Guppies.  This Christmas, he asked for Pink Guppies Jammies....

He especially likes Molly
I mean Gil.  Yeah... Gil...
The past year has been a medical and emotional rollercoaster - three CHOP admissions.  Even more ER visits.  Allergy Testing.  A Scope.  Several visits to his new Developmental Pediatrician, leading up to a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder. New therapies.  New therapists.  New friends.  So many appointments.

But I wouldn't change a moment of it - I truly believe that it's all leading us to better times.  Here's to hoping that 3 is the year of those better times.  We love you, Little Bear.  Have the Happiest of Birthdays.