Saturday, February 15, 2014

Feeding Tube Awareness Week 2014 - The Very Best

Feeding Tube Awareness Week is coming to a close, and while I reflect on the best of the week, it occurs to me that there is no one best post, photo, or video that sums the week up for me.  The very best of this week lies within the community that rises up to show the world their amazing, happy, resilient children.  

Some families want to tell their story to the world.  They're amazing advocates - telling their stories on their local news and raising awareness and funds to help increase acceptance for tube-fed children (and adults!) everywhere.

Others are newer to this journey, or less sure, or just aren't the limelight type.  But this week brings out the very best in those families too!  Photos are shared, stories are swapped, and advice flows like formula.

I think the best part of this week is the connections that are made.  Tubie families connect to other Tubie families.  Non-Tubie families learn more about the shoes we walk in.  Everybody wins.

Happy Feeding Tube Awareness Week.  Thank you for joining us on this journey. If you take one thing away from this week, let it be this:

If you're curious, ask questions.  If you want to see, ask to look.  We want to spread the word, and it starts with you.  My little boy has a feeding tube, but IT DOESN'T HAVE HIM.  Nothing can hold him back!  


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  1. My nephew was on and off of the feeding tube...It has definitely been a test and trial for his mother...Mothers are resilient...

    WAHM Shelley... :)