Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Plague Household - Love for the Tube

Chances are good that if you're a parent, you've found yourself covered in some pretty horrifying bodily fluids.  It's just part of the gig.

A few weeks ago, a plague descended upon The House of Shields.  We later learned that it was Influenza A - I'm italicizing it for ominousness.  It took all three of us down, but Aidan was the first to fall. 

It was one of those nights.  Aidan woke up from his nap crying and feverish, alternating between begging me to hold him and begging me to leave him in his crib.  When I finally convinced him to sit with me in his rocking chair, he held my shoulders, leaned in, and threw up in my lap (motherhood is glamorous!).

I could hear his poor little tummy making some truly unholy sounds, and as I pondered the location of the nearest poncho, I realized that our beloved tube could come to my rescue.

With some quick footwork on Daddy's part, we had our drainage setup ready before the next Vesuvian Eruption.  Crisis Averted!

If you don't have a Tubie, this probably doesn't mean much to you - but we take our wins where we can find them.  It's *awesome* when you can help prevent your miserably sick kiddo from feeling miserably sick, even a little bit.  Rock on, Medical Technology!

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