Thursday, February 20, 2014

Feed Frustrations - Part 2

The plan at the moment is to try giving 1-2 ounces by G tube once or twice per day.  I'm never very optimistic when we try anything, but I know that if we don't try this - if we don't prove out the problem, there will be no help.

Day 1 - Saturday - 1oz by G-Tube in the morning, 2oz by G-Tube in the evening.  Seems well-tolerated.  No vomiting.  Is this what hope feels like?

Overnight - Awake many times, crying and coughing.  Diarrhea overnight with immediate diaper rash.

Day 2 - Sunday - I did not give anything by G-Tube in the morning.  Since he'd had diarrhea overnight, I wanted to give him a little recovery time.  I gave 2oz in the evening.  Noted bright red flushed cheeks after feeding that lasted for several hours.

Overnight - Again, awake many times, crying.  Lots of coughing and retching, but no vomiting.  No poop overnight (abnormal for Mr. A - he's an overnight kind of guy).

Day 3 - Monday - Nothing in the morning.  Daycare reports that he's not napping.  Added Prilosec in case the night crying is due to reflux.  Fed 2oz in the evening, noted bright red rash on cheeks and red blotchy skin on neck.  Several hours after 2oz bolus, noted distended belly, but venting gave no relief.

I finally thought to take pictures.

Overnight - Awake lots.  So much crying.  No poop overnight.  No bueno.

At this point, I reached out to Nutrition, GI, and Allergy.  It's difficult to get anyone to call me back, but Allergy bites first - they feel that the rashes are likely unrelated to what we're feeding, but they'd rather defer to GI.  If I'm very nervous, I can bring him in.  It's really GI that I need to speak with.  I never got in touch with Nutrition.  But GI agrees with Allergy that the rashes are unrelated, and that this "very small amount" of formula is unlikely to be causing any issues.  He probably picked up a virus.  We should take a week off and retry again later.

So on what would have been Day 4 (Tuesday), we fed nothing by G-Tube.  Miracle of Miracles - no rash on his face.  No 9 overnight wakeups.  And he pooped completely normally. 

Nice rashless cheeks...  Kid not crying.  Good stuff!
So now I guess we wait and retry this business in another week or so.  Pardon me while I try to scrape together some optimism :-/

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  1. Sure looks like allergy. A lot of allergists and GI's refuse to accept that the elementals can cause allergic reactions. Also, a lot of little ones don't test positive to certain foods, yet, clearly react to them. Sure hope you find something that agree's with him. He is so adorable, I am so sorry he has been out of sorts.