Monday, October 15, 2012

Medical Me - Baby Aidan visits the Allergist

It was a big day for Baby Aidan.  First, he meets his new family (Daddy? Brother? Overlord?  Who knows...).  Then, it was time for a visit from the feeding therapist, and THEN, a visit to CHOP.

Feeding was fun.  Aidan wanted Baby to have his own bottle, and to sit at the table with us.  Baby Aidan, ever the cooperative one, was happy to oblige.

Breakfast Time!

Once Aidan started getting restless, the Feeding Treats came out.  I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Aidan sharing his treats with Baby.

Here you go, baby.  Good eating!
And another one for Big Aidan

If sharing whistles was surprising, what happened next was just about heart-attack-worthy.  Aidan is on a sticker rewards system for eating, and stickers are gold around here.  We don't squander them like fools.  But still, after Baby Aidan "took a sip" from his big boy cup, Big Aidan gave him a sticker!

Good boy!
 And then another one!

What a good drinker!

I couldn't believe it.  I almost cried.  Not only does Aidan obviously understand the sticker system, but he knows (in theory) how to be nice!  And share! Holy crap!

After feeding and a short nap (together), I packed up my Aidans and headed down to CHOP.  The Aidans had a grand old time in the Allergy waiting room.  Big Aidan even shared his Legos.

And then it was doctor time.  Which, obviously, meant that it was time to show off Baby Aidan's tubie!

Right there!


Thank you, thank you, thank you - from the bottom of our hearts - to Chelsea at Cerebral Palsy Mentor.  We look forward to many more happy visits with Baby in tow.

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  1. Wow... both you and my other recent Medical Me blogger mom made me cry with your posts. I feel like you've given me more than I've given you. I love how you write about it and I love that he's important for Aidan. I just posted a few pictures on my site. Thank you.