Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween 2011: Does that some in size "Uber Tiny"?

Over a year ago, I started to excitedly plan Aidan's first Halloween.  I bought the cutest Monkey costume ever!  I went for size 12m, because he'd be getting close by Halloween.  Annnnnd, then I tried it on him.

Um, crap.  Forgot about that pesky Failure to Thrive thing.  There's no way he was going to grow into this within a few weeks.

Back to the drawing board.  Found a super cute Otter costume online, in size 6-12 months.  It HAD to fit, right?

Double crap.  I think this one is even bigger!  Even Aidan looks concerned.

We did ultimately (after lots of panicked searching) find a costume that fit (kind of.  Ignore the pant legs please.) in size 0-6 mos.  Aidan was the cutest dragon EVER.

He had an awesome time with his buddies too :)
Superman Ryan, Obi-Wan Teddy, Dragon Aidan, and Mickey Chase!

Adding Flying Monkey Phinn to the group shot

So I guess it's time to start thinking about Halloween 2012!

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