Thursday, October 18, 2012

Aidan Rocks Dentistry...

I've been dreading this.  Apparently, good parenting requires regular visits to the Dentist.  I hate the Dentist - but it's entirely unfair to put that on him, so off we went for the exciting first time...

Our first discovery?  This place has Pac Man.  We might never leave.

Our next discovery?  Aidan can reach the buttons.  Seriously, not leaving.

We practiced opening wide and saying "AHHHHHH!" from the safety of the Pac Man machine.  This feat would not be repeated in the Dentist's actual exam room.

The exam itself was easy - just a peek in his mouth, a count of the teeth, and a clean bill of oral health.  No cavities, no plaque, no damage of any kind yet from bottles or binkies.  A reminder never to send him to bed with a bottle (we know) and to try to wean him off the binky by age 3.

And we're done!  Back in six months.  But boy are we going to miss Pac Man...

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