Monday, October 22, 2012

Before this all happened - before I brought home my perfectly imperfect little boy, and before I began finding kindred spirits on the Internet - the term "tubie" meant nothing to me.  And chances are, if you don't personally know one, it doesn't mean much to you either.  It's an ongoing mission of mine to change that...

Enter Feeding Tube Awareness.  The site is immeasurably helpful and immensely comforting to boot. It's packed full of information about feeding tubes - different types of tubes, facts about tube feeding, information about making the decision to tube feed, stories of brave tubies, and resources for friends and family members of tubies.  It also offers, via facebook, a way to reach out to others who live this as their "normal."  But none of these are the biggest, most important thing that FTA does. FTA helps raise awareness of feeding tubes and the people who live with them.

I want to do so much for this cause.  We live it every day.  For now, we are doing what we can to spread the word and, hopefully, spread the acceptance.  We love our tubie, and we want everyone to know it.  We have NOTHING to hide and we want the world to know what a Super Tubie looks like. He's brave, he's beautiful, and he's proud to be just the way he is.

If you want to learn more or support the cause by proclaiming that YOU <3 a Tubie, please visit FTA online at: or find them on facebook at:

And don't forget to bling out your car with I <3 A Tubie Car Magnets from the FTA store!  They also have shirts, hoodies, onesies, and even temporary tattoos!  I've branded both of our cars, Auntie Megan's car, grandma's car, great-grandma's car, and even great-grandpa's golf cart!

Mommy's Car
Daddy's Car


  1. Hi there! New follower and fellow mommy blogger who's been reading up on Aiden for a while. I think our boys are about the same age. Just had to say hi and hope you'll stop by sometime!