Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Update: April 11th - Allergy

Lately, Aidan's been coming home with swollen, red, suspiciously hive-like cheeks.  My first inclination was to blame daycare (sorry guys).  Clearly, he MUST be licking crumbs off the ground/having a yogurt facial/juggling peas when no one's looking.  CLEARLY.

As the days turned into weeks, and he was coming home the same way every day, I began to doubt the conclusions we had drawn.  Was it likely that daycare was slipping up every single day?  No, probably not.  So what then?

We decided to visit Dr. Fogg, our friendly neighborhood allergist.  He's not who we see for EGID issues, but he takes care of my allergies and asthma, and he's involved in Aidan's care too.  We really like him, and it's nice to have a local (read: non-CHOP) resource who can make the time to call you back!  I digress...

Dr. Fogg's nurse was hesitant to order environmental testing on a child so young (15m) but I insisted.  I know it's allergies.  I just know.

So April 11th came, and we found ourselves in Dr. Fogg's office for a skin test.  48 skin pricks on one teeny tiny back.  Aidan cried like it was his job when they were being applied, but a hug and a bottle (and the ability to back himself into a corner to protect his back) calmed him down. I won't lie though - watching your 1 year old cower is pretty heartbreaking...

And then we wait.  A few minutes pass, and his back is getting pretty red:

A few more minutes...  Even redder.

A few more minutes, and welts start coming up...

By the time we reach the ten minute mark, it's insane.  Clearly, this boy has some environmentals in play. 

The results?  Allergies to grasses, trees, dust mites, roaches, and weeds.  No pet allergies!!!  No mold allergies!!!

The treatment?  We've started him on zyrtec (3/4tsp) nightly and his daily hives are gone.  His ever-present runny nose?  Gone.  Amazing.

We've also been asked to consider allergy shots.  Although Aidan's younger than the rest of their injection patients, Dr. Fogg feels that it would be a huge benefit to him.  We're considering it and will make the call in a few weeks, once we're done with the move.

For the record - here's a picture of my environmental panel.  Weird, IDK where he gets it from...


  1. Poor bug...

    And I don't see what's to be sorry about for your guess - considering he was eating grass...

  2. Replies
    1. He was so brave though! Notice, in all of the pictures, he's totally oblivious and just playing with his toys

  3. Goes to show you that mommas really do know best! I had to push for testing as well. My son takes zyrtec also. Well, the Costco knock off version. It helps his itching so much! I still need to get his skin prick test done. Glad to know it's not SO bad.

    1. It really isn't, Meghan. Aidan gets angry about being held down, but it doesn't hurt.

  4. Oh and Im so happy that he doesn't have pet allergies! They suck. My son is allergic to cats and we have one. He hasn't reacted to her yet but I'm dreading the day.

    1. As a two-cat, two-dog household, I am breathing a HUGE sigh of relief!