Thursday, April 5, 2012

Anderson Cooper - "The Boy Who Cannot Eat"

I am always excited to see word getting out.  EGIDs get so little press time, which seems unfair given how BIG this is in the lives of those affected.

This is why I was thrilled to hear that Anderson Cooper was going to show a segment on EoE.  The Koscinski family joined Anderson on stage and talked through what it's like to live with EoE.  Admittedly, their son is a very severe case - but honestly - I saw so much of our own family in that piece.

Like Joshua Koscinski, Aidan has begun to react to airborne allergens released during cooking.  Like Joshua, Aidan is unable to eat at all (in fact Joshua has one safe food - baby food applesauce - to Aidan's zero).  Like Joshua's mother, I am plagued by the daily fear that someone will be just a little too lenient with a food that he's anaphylactic to.

But what I took from this clip was that I CAN do this, I WILL do this, and Aidan will be as strong and happy as those boys.

Here's a link to the Anderson clip - I hope to see the full segment online soon!


  1. I have never heard of EOE. Sounds a bit difficult, but i'm glad you found solace in Cooper's episode!

    1. I'm totally hooked on Anderson now. I love that he uses his celebrity status to help bring awareness to people who need it.