Sunday, April 15, 2012

Inner Thoughts on Tube Day

I've been singing Jekyll & Hyde to myself for weeks now, having seen that it's coming to Philly later this year.  And today's Tube Day festivities made it seem all the more apt.  My inner thoughts today:

Now there is no choice:
I must put aside
The fears I feel inside...
There's no place to hide!

 No place to hide, indeed.  We've made the decision and it's time to go.  No turning back now.  Too afraid isn't an option.  We're doing this thing...

So it comes to this:
One great golden chance
That only I can take,
When everything I fought for
Is at stake!...
To make the mark
That only I can make!

We are so unspeakably fortunate to have the chance to do this for him.  It's been a rough, rough road.  And there's a rough road ahead, to be sure.  But I've fought to get him here and I'll see him through this.

Now the die is cast!
Nothing left to do...
Time alone can prove
 My theories true... 

It's done.  Now we wait to see if it helps.  I believe that it will.  I have to believe it. 

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