Monday, April 2, 2012

Three Weeks In & Beyond - Steroid Treatment

We have called it quits on the steroid treatment.  We'll write this one up as a partial success/partial failure.

The successes:
- Aidan's gained more weight in three weeks on the steroid than he has in the past several months on his own.  He now tips the scales at 19lb 1oz.
- Aidan seems to be eating a bit more on his own that he ever did before the steroid.
- Now that the meds are gone, he sleeps again (I can't stress enough how awesome this particular success is)!

The failure:
- Once we discontinued the medication, Aidan's super appetite waned.  He does still have "good days" (20-25 oz) but there are more and more "bad days" (15 oz).
- Continuing the medication was not an option.  The side effects are more than we can live with.

It's time to make some tough decisions.  It's time to do something. We'll have a new path forward, very soon.


  1. I'm sorry this wasn't a complete success. I hope the next step works out well for you and your lovely family.