Thursday, June 28, 2012

Surgery Day (Turned Surgery Week) - Part II

When we last left fearless Aidan, he had just awoken from his G-Tube surgery.  I was smooching him silly and making weekend plans (revolving around going home on Friday).  We sat in recovery for an hour - maybe two - while they prepared a room for him.  It's past 3pm before we are taken up to 5 South.  Aidan is a limp noodle and a really sweet nurse named Caitlyn settles us in.  He's doing great, she assures me.  You should be out of here tomorrow :)

Caitlyn helps me see his tube for the first time.  I'm inexplicably nervous - what if the sight of it makes me sick?  What if I can't take care of it?  What if I can't *touch* it?  What if I can't do this?

It doesn't look so bad.  It really doesn't.  But the weaker-stomached reader may want to skip what follows.  This blog is officially replacing giggles and sunshine with gastrostomies and stomas.

There it is, world.  Aidan's brand new, hours-old PEG.
Deep breath.  I can do this.  It's not so bad.  Caitlyn says it's going to be fine.  She's a Villanova grad.  She wouldn't lie to a fellow 05'er. 

On tomorrow's agenda: Daddy and Auntie Megan come to see Aidan, Mommy and Auntie Megan take G-Tube class, and we go home!

For now - Sleep tight, Little Bear.  Everything will be just fine!

So Morphine-sleepy, he's actually letting himself be bundled up.

Note that Mommy is already hoarding pillows.

This glorious machine dispenses pain meds.  A lot of tears (mine) would have been spared, had our nurse remembered to plug it in.

Join us on Monday as we learn that we will NOT be going home on Friday after all.

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