Friday, June 29, 2012

Fun Finds - My Tubey Books

Happy Friday!!

This week, I bring you My Tubey Books - these are a really unique find, since there really isn't much out there that's especially for tube-fed kids.  I'd love to see more books published - there are so many Tubies out there who would love to read a story about a child that's "just like me!"

These books come in "boy" or "girl", and are written by Rhiannon Merritt-Rubadue.

From the back of the book(s):
"Thousands of children in the United States have a feeding tube. With charming illustrations, My Tubey follows along as one little boy (girl) goes about his (her) life with a G-Tube. After all, we have lots of different body parts, some kids just have something a little extra--a tubey!" 

I can't wait for Aidan to be a bit older (these books are recommended for Preschool through Age 7) - I will certainly be ordering him his very own copy of My Tubey!


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  1. Thanks for the shout out for MyTubeyBooks! And great job on your blog. I will be sending positive thoughts your way for Aidan. And when he's old enough for a book let me know! I send out freebies in exchange for reviews! :). And ive got several more books coming out, too.
    Take care and thanks again!
    Rhiannon Merritt-Rubadue
    Mom/author/ illustrator