Friday, June 22, 2012

Fun Finds - Syringes?

I'm here to write about fun finds, and the truth is, we haven't been having much fun lately.  Things like AMT Clamps and Stomahesive Powder just aren't that fun.  I tried so hard to think of something that's actually fun for people who aren't us - but it's my blog and I write from the heart - so without further ado - this week's fun find...


That's right.  The syringe.  Our house is full of them.  Syringes that measure in ml, syringes that measure in tsp, teeny tiny syringes, comically hilariously large syringes.  You name it, we've got it.  Helpful for the obvious reasons, sure - how else does a one year old med up?  But that's just scratching the surface.

Awesome uses for syringes:

1. Bath Toy - Can you say water gun?
2. Weapon of Terror vs. The Cats - Again with the water gun
3. Teether - Really reaches those tender 2-yr molar spots
4. Baby Bird Feeder - especially when your baby bird is also a 17 month old silly monkey
5. Ouchy-Cleaner - rinse the spots that need rinsing.  Leave the rest of your water-weary toddler's skin dry.
6. Gravity Feeder - You Tubie Mamas know what I'm talking about...

Honestly, the comically large syringe was a life-saver for us this week.  We have finally learned how to gravity feed using a 60cc syringe on the go.  And okay, maybe a syringe isn't the most fun of all finds - but the ability to be out and about without being strapped to a feeding pump, and without having to worry about how to keep the tiny human fed - that's pretty darn fun.


  1. I'm offended for the AMT Clamp that you don't think it's fun. When our teacher brought that sucker out both of our eyes lit up like she'd just given us a chunk of gold - because let's face it, she had. I think you owe Mr. AMTC an apology.

    You find the funnest finds!!

  2. Syringes are also terrific for crafting! Getting glue into the tiny spots :-)

    Of course they were a necessary component to the "play dr kit" when the girls were little.. :-)

    Great post!

  3. Turkey Baster? We have done that too. We used to have so many of those things floating around. I even use them with my tools to get that Marvel Mystery oil in stuck nuts and bolts. I love to do hiking and it is a fun light thing to take with the kids as a water gun when we cross a stream or something. ;-)

  4. Hi,

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  5. This was fun for me to read:-) We have a great supply of syringes too. Not really sure why we have so many but we do. We use them for painting too:-) Splattering painting (outside) that is. Hoping you are having a good week