Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Toddle Along Tuesday - Things I never thought I'd do

Happy Toddle Along Tuesday!

Today's topic, courtesy of Mama Geeky, is Things you never thought you'd do.

Parenting is a funny thing.  It's so much fun to plan how it will go.  In the weeks and months prior to the arrival of your little bundle of - ahhem - joy, you find yourself imagining your future with your doting husband and charming offspring.  We were no exception - and I'm happy to share some of the highlights of my delusions with you today.

1. My child will never go to bed without pajamas.  How hard is it to dress them properly?
  Turns out, when push comes to shove, a feverish baby with a dropping pulse ox trumps cute pajamas.

2. My child will never wear sandals.  I hate them.
What am I never wearing, mama?  I couldn't hear you...  I was too busy showing off these here sandals...

3. I will never take humiliating pictures, simply because they are hilarious, and then post them on the internet.  I will certainly never repost them on a blog.
'Nuff said.

In seriousness though, being a parent has taught me so much about parenting.  There are things to stand firm on (We do not hit!), there are things to chill out about (You will sit in your chair when eating! Or on the floor...  Or, you know, walk around.  Whatever...), and the fun of it all lies in learning which are which.  As a mom, I choose my hill to die on at least a dozen times a day.  At the end of each of those days, my husband and I are still married, our son is smiling, and I breathe a sigh of relief because I know that I've held true to my biggest "I will never."

I will never give up, no matter what life throws at us.  I will never stop believing that everything will be okay.  Everything else, after all, is just gravy. :)


  1. Aidan is the cutest thing ever! New follower from TAT. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Aidan is a cutie (and I totally agree with #3)

    1. what fun is parenting if you can't take hilarious pictures?

  3. Lol! Oh, the things we end up doing that we never thought! I love the pic of him asleep. The sight of a sleeping babe is always so sweet :)

    1. They're angels when they're not talking back...