Friday, May 25, 2012

Fun Finds - Ice Cube Trays?

You heard me.  Ice cube trays.

It's no secret that I adore Ikea.  Our new house could be an Ikea showroom, and I find the Swedish do-it-yourselfer-paradise oddly Disney World-esque.  So it's no real shock that they'd worm their way into Fun Finds Friday before long.

This week's find?  Ice Cube Trays.

Made of synthetic rubber, this fun-shaped freezerware is PERFECT for kids during the summer.  Especially if you're trying to convince your child that plain old ice is the world's yummiest treat!


  1. Thanks for posting about these! I'm hopefully making my first-ever trip to Ikea next weekend, and I'll have to look for them. Any other awesome finds?

  2. Mel, you're going to LOVE Ikea! There are SO MANY awesome things there, including the swedish meatballs!

    1. They have an awesome play kitchen set with pots and pans and plush food. they also have great basic wooden toys and awesome bibs/bowls/plates/forks for toddlers. I love it there!