Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Toddle Along Tuesday - Bedtime routines

This week's Toddle Along Tuesday topic is Bedtime Routines!

Our routine is probably a bit different than most.  I work long hours, often not getting home until close to 8pm.  The routine doesn't kick off until 7:30 at the earliest, these days, although Aidan would much prefer a 6:30 bedtime. 

We start by chasing the boy around the house until we catch him.  Once caught, he (more or less) willingly takes his meddies (Prilosec for reflux and Zyrtec for allergies).  He then plays with his toys while we make his "midnight snack" and herd him into his bedroom.

Once we're in there, the fun begins.  Diaper change, change into jammies, and brush teeth (eventually we will do this in the bathroom.  For now, bedroom is so much easier.).  The sound machine goes on (ocean or rain).  Then Aidan sits on Daddy's lap and reads stories while Mommy gets the Midnight Snack ready. 

First, I hang the feeding bag on the IV pole.  I like to keep it in the portable backpack surrounded by ice packs.  I hook it up to the pump and input the night's settings.  Once everything's ready, I test Aidan's stomach's pH, and if it all checks out, I hook him up for the night.

We then put him in his crib after hugs and kisses and hand him a Wubbanub and a Blankie.

It's a simple routine.  Maybe a little different from yours, but we like it and it works for us.

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  1. well, good luck to you in finding the best way of figuring what works for you!! I am always so amazed at how adaptable human beings are!
    I found your blog on the blog hop and am now your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.