Thursday, September 11, 2014

Inpatient - Endocrinology - Day 4

This post will be blessedly short.  On day 3, we felt like we had his Endocrinology stuff figured out as best we could, but true to form, Aidan's motility tanked, because why wouldn't it?  We spent one last night tucked into an impossibly tiny hospital crib up on 5 West.  Did we sleep?  Nah.  But we were together, so who needs sleep?!

Love this guy

Saturday morning found Aidan feeling much better.  The docs had given him Senna, which is what GI recommended the last time we were in.  It worked great.  After two doses, things were moving again, and we felt good enough to get a move on.

See this forlorn face?  He was sad to leave because he likes it there.
All in all, it was such a productive trip.  We learned how to better manage Aidan at home (no more breaks from feeds, no more fasting at home before procedures!).  We learned what to look out for and how to better recognize when he's in trouble with respect to his blood sugar.  Every hospital stay finds him less anxious and fearful, and more trusting of doctors and what they're doing to help him.  And, sadly, we learned not to just trust that CHOP will have the nutrition he needs.  I wish that weren't the case, but the fact is, we don't need the added stress every time we go there.  We need to start bringing our home supply.

Thank you - all of you - for all of your well-wishes and thoughts while we were at CHOP this time.  While he's not old enough to understand, I certainly am.  It means the world to me.  We are happy to be home, and even happier that we made it home in time for this year's Strides for Safe Kids Food Allergy Walk and Expo!

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