Monday, September 29, 2014

Tubie Whoobies!

Recently, we found out that a popular tube pad store, Tubie Whoobies, decided to start giving out a free sample pad so that new customers could try the product out.  I figured we had nothing to lose - I've always wanted to try them, but they're quite a bit more expensive than the pads I've been buying Aidan, so I just couldn't justify it.  How much better could they really be right?

My sample showed up pretty quickly, and Aidan was overjoyed to find out that it was a heart!  That's the first big selling point - they're actually shaped - not just round and themed based on the fabric.

He begged to wear it RIGHTNOWPLEASEMOMMY!?!?!?  Sure thing, sweet pea!

He loves it!  He showed everyone at school the next day, and despite some initial confusion regarding the location of "MY HEART!!!", I think it was a hit.

For my part, I'm happy too :)  It's been washed a couple of times now and still looks good.  No irritation or allergic reaction on his skin or around his stoma.  And the snaps seem to be good quality - not always the case with some of the more inexpensive tube pads.  I can tell that quite a bit of work goes into these.  They're really well-finished and I think they'll hold up nicely as we wash and wear them to death over the next few years.

I do still like having some of the other tube pads in our stash, because I like having velcro closure on the days that my osteoarthritis is flaring up (Tubie Whoobies only come in snap) - but Tubie Whoobies is the only company I've found that offers these shaped pads - and there are great options for older kids too.  A lot of the round pads look so babyish.  Tubie Whoobies has a lot of sports and truck option for older boys, and princesses for the girls.  (There are actually hundreds of options on their page, including sets that offer cost savings over buying the pads individually.  As for how many you need - it probably varies by person and how often you like to do laundry.  We go through one pad every day, but we know people who need to change them more often due to more drainage from the stoma.)  We just placed our order and chose these awesome "big boy" tube pads:

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