Sunday, March 31, 2013

Day 4 - Continued

Day 4 - Continued

After I posted today's update, our wonderful nurse Alex came in as she was about to end her shift.  She hooked up Aidan's feed and stayed to talk with us about what was happening, since no doctor had bothered coming by to talk, even though we've requested it.  Is it really so unreasonable to want to know what we're doing?!  Anyway, Alex told me that a Resident would be up to talk eventually, but that if I wanted to talk with her, she'd be happy to share what she knew.  I appreciated it a lot, especially since no one ever found the time to come by.

Basically, Aidan would be taken off his feed at midnight.  He'd have a new IV placed and be put back on IV fluids for the GJ placement.  This is in prep for possibly having the GJ placed on Monday.  No one is yet sure that it can be done on Monday - it may not happen until Tuesday.  It just depends on when IR can fit him in and whether they agree to do it or not.  If it happens Monday, it sounds like we can maybe expect to go home Tuesday or Wednesday - depending on how he tolerates J feeds.  If it doesn't happen until Tuesday, then we're looking at Wednesday/Thursday, again depending on how he tolerates the J feeds.

It didn't exactly go as we were hoping.  Around 10, the IV team came in and spent half an hour working to place a new IV - only to blow the vein and find themselves unable to locate another one. So off they went to discuss their options.

The New Plan is this:

Aidan continues on full strength feeds until midnight.  He will be switched to Pedialyte until 3am, and then he'll be NPO until the doctors decide what they're going to do.  That will probably happen during rounds - which start at 8am. 

So I won't be here to actually hear what The New Plan is.  I have to get out of here as early as possible to get to work.  I absolutely hate leaving Aidan here but especially since I can't VPN in from CHOP, I need to get back to the office and have a really productive day.

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