Friday, March 29, 2013

Day 0 - To the CHOP ER

It's been several weeks since feeding has gone "well."  I almost can't remember a time when it wasn't at the forefront of our minds - except that I know that it used to work, and it worked well.  The Feeding Tube is the best thing we've ever done and whatever has gone wrong will be fixed.  We will have our lives back eventually.  I digress.

Although it's been many weeks (months) since things have gone well, it's really been in the past week or so that things have gone sharply downhill.  The Elecare that he was tentatively tolerating is no longer tolerated.  He vomits every feed, no matter what we feed, even if it's just Pedialyte.  This isn't sustainable at home anymore, and it's clearly time for us to get more help.

I had such a busy day at work that although I knew he needed to go to the ER, I wasn't able to take him until evening.  So it wasn't until 9:40 that the crazy vomiting started and we headed down to CHOP's ER.  We got here around 10:50 and Aidan weighed in at 11.1kg (with shoes and clothes).  It took until midnight for us to get into a room (ED room 11) with Nurse Tim.  We think we like Nurse Tim.

So Day 0 was short.  Day 1 was a lot more insane.  Possibly the longest day of my life.  More to come...

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