Monday, April 1, 2013

Day 5 - Waiting, Waiting, Waiting

Day 5 - Still inpatient, although he's getting better.  He wants to run and play and stop being poked and prodded.  I miss sleeping in my own bed and using bath towels that are large enough to cover all of my lady areas.  So we all want to go home, we just want to make sure it's happening the right way.  With a plan to move forward and get him healthy.

After last night's IV drama, we knew that there would be no procedure if they couldn't get an IV in.  So Aidan spent the morning with hot packs on his arms, trying to draw out a vein.  It must have done the trick, because little man's now sporting a brand new IV in his right hand.  Unfortunate for him since he's a righty, but his coloring isn't suffering too much.

So today's plan - Elecare until midnight, then IV fluids in preparation for a 9:30 procedure with Interventional Radiology.

Thoughts on the Elecare: He's not throwing it up right now.  Which is half great, half frustrating.  Great, because who wants their kid to be a miserable vomity mess?  But frustrating, because I know what we've been living, and it has predated this virus by weeks.  And he's exhibiting the symptoms that cause the most fighting between Mom and Dad.  It's always the subtle symptoms that no one knows what to do with.  Is Dad underreacting?  Is Mom blaming too much on Allergic Reaction and not enough on Toddlerhood?  We never really know.

I guess this is why I'm so adamant that we scope ASAP.  Even if he's not vomiting Elecare anymore, I truly believe that he's not okay.  He keeps having allergy cheeks, and more disturbingly, he's having insane mood swings where he'll go from laughing and playing to hitting his head against the crib bars and biting his hands in mere minutes.  I know my little boy, and this isn't him.  We can do better for him.  We have to!

Weight is up to 10.25kg (I THINK?  Tom didn't write it down and I was at work today when he was weighed).  It's so wonderful to see him putting weight back on.

There are some concerns that he may be too small for the GJ tube that is normally used.  I didn't get clear details on this, because I wasn't around for the conversation, but I definitely will ask more questions tomorrow.

Thank you - all of you - for following our story and wishing us so well.  All of the support is so meaningful to us.

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