Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Week of Azul

Quick update on how we’re doing.  I’m back at work, which means Aidan’s doing his own thing.  And to be honest, “his own thing” is a lot more exciting with Aunt Mimi than it ever was with Mama. Outings GALORE!  And oh, the PUPPIES!

Last week was Blue week – and it turns out there’s more to Blue than a certain spotted canine!  I happily watched (via text) as my toddler learned the sign and the word for “blue”, hunted through the weekly theme box for his favorite shapes and textures in the color du jour, and collaged with feathers, stickers, papers, clippings, pom poms, pipe cleaners, crayons, markers, and glue.  All in cerulean, of course.

I also learned some things I didn’t know about my son.  He loves glue and pom poms.  He thinks feathers are creepy.  And also?  He’s a master manipulator.

Okay, I guess I knew that last bit already.  But it’s easy to forget when you know someone so well and you’re with them all the time.  I know his tricks by now.  For instance, you have to be ultra clear and extremely precise with him.  You cannot simply say “keep your head down!” when you want him lying down for nap.  Because then, for instance, what you’ll get is a toddler whose head is down but whose body is up and running about.  In seriousness, that’s what you’ll get.  (Right, Mimi?)

Overall, it’s been a week of limit-pushing.  Typical Year-Dos behavior, I think, trying to see what’s acceptable and what isn’t.  (Un?)fortunately for him, Mimi stands her ground and they’re working their way to an understanding.  He’s learning so much, and I’m so happy, because that’s all I want for him.  To learn, and to love, and to be loved to metaphorical bits and theoretical pieces.

Mission Accomplished.