Monday, February 18, 2013


Q: When is a 1" x 2" rectangular piece of plastic worth $25 + shipping?

A: When it's a Corisafe!

Seriously, I'll admit it, I was skeptical. $25 is a lot for an unemployed mama just trying to keep her kiddo fed.  And this thing doesn't look like much.  It's about as plain-jane as you can possibly imagine - so what's all the buzz and why on earth am I suggesting you part with your hard-earned pedicure fund for one?

Let me start by explaining how we got to the place where we needed one.

Aidan's first tube was placed when he was just a year old.  Sharp little eyes + nimble little fingers + a feeding port = trouble.  Stinky, leaky TROUBLE.  And no offense, everyone, but your ideas were awful.  Tape it?  Gross!  After the 20th taping and untaping, there was so much tape residue that I couldn't even see the tube anymore, and that was on day THREE of the month.  Plus - hello! - sticky gluey and tapey things are very interesting to toddlers.  And safety pins?  On a toddler?  Are actually just weapons.  No thanks.  Everything I did to get him to leave the tube alone was just encouraging him to futz with it more!  Obviously these weren't the solutions for us.

I don't even remember how I found Corisafe online - but if I recall correctly (and how could I not?) it was precisely like in a movie.  The clouds parted, ethereal voices sang, and a ray of heavenly light shone upon my laptop screen.

The Corisafe is a very simple device - it's a locking capsule that encases the feeding and med ports of tube extensions.  It's designed to be neutrally colored and boring to look at so as not to encourage children to play with it.  Tubie stays plugged in.  No more mess.


Do you know how many times little Houdini over here has gotten into his Corisafe?   


Go check out the website at If you're a tubie family, buy one. Buy one for a friend (there's a very substantial discount for buying multiples!). If I had my way, NO tubie would be sent home from the hospital without a Corisafe.

It has very quickly moved up the ranks from Like it, right on past Love it and straight to Can't Live Without it! in our household.  And side note - The mastermind behind the Corisafe, Mark Belanger, is extremely nice and helpful and will custom-modify your Corisafe(s) to fit your particular tube extentions.  Can't beat that!

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  1. I'm glad you found something to make feeding aidan easier!