Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's Clifford!

Last week, Aidan and Megan went down to the Museum for a very special event.  I'll let her tell you about it :)

Are you familiar with author Norman Bridwell? Yeah, me neither. But I am familiar with Clifford, The Big Red Dog whom Mr. Bridwell is famous for giving the world. (Thank you, sir, sincerely!) In honor of his birthday (Norman Bridwell's, that is), on February 15th the Philadelphia Please Touch Museum was hosting a special day in which you could come, meet Clifford, and get your photo taken with him. In preparation for the day, we learned about the color red (which is also Aidan's favorite sign these days) as well as read a few Clifford books. (I was so excited to meet Clifford that I need a plausible reason for getting my picture taken with him and my two-year old charge was the perfect excuse but I wanted it to be a little special for Aidan, too.)

Meeting Clifford the Big Red Dog went a little like this:

(show up at museum, stand in line for pictures)
Mimi: Aidan, do you want to meet Clifford the Big Red Dog
Aidan: (spinning in circles)
Mimi: Aidan, aren't you so excited to meet Clifford?
Aidan: (giggles and runs under the rope barrier, Ms. Brookie chases and brings back)
Mimi: Aidan, do you see Clifford?
Aidan: (moves head left to right <looking>)
Mimi: Right there, the big red dog? Puppy. The big puppy dog. The big Rose.
Aidan: Rose?!?!?!?! (looks excitedly for Rose)
Mimi: Yes, do you want to meet a big Rose?
Aidan: Yes! Rose!

our turn in line...approaching Clifford

Aidan: Rose! Rose! Rose! (looks up at 6 foot "Rose")
Aidan: No. No Rose.

That kid...he's smart. He knows a Rose when he sees one and he was not happy with this gargantuan impostor.

I still got my picture though.

And since it was still Feeding Tube Awareness Week we did some tube feeding while we were outs and abouts.

I love how many new fun things Aidan gets to see and do with Megan - and I especially love all of the Feeding Tube Awareness she spreads!

Also - for your viewing pleasure - the outtakes...


Clifford hides from Aidan
Isn't he dainty?

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