Monday, March 12, 2012

One Week In - Steroid Treatment

Last week, I told you about our latest trip to CHOP GI.  We left that appointment with a plan to start Aidan on a steroid, monitor him weekly for progress, and plan our next scope.  The scope is scheduled for April 4th, Aidan's "I put you through surgery and must now re-buy your love" gift has been ordered, and we've been dosing him with Prednisolone for a week now.  The thought was that he'd eat more, grow better, and life would be dandy.

What we hoped we'd get:

What we actually got:

With a side of:

Yeah - we're not exactly huge steroid fans around here.  He's angry.  He's sad.  He's hungry.  But he's still not eating.

A call to the GI gives us a new plan:

- Wean Aidan down from steroid (2ml per day this week)
- Call for status check on Monday morning
- Scope on 4/4
- Back to GI to review results and discuss next steps on 4/16

Reminder to self: everything we try that doesn't help gets us one step closing to finding the thing that does...

Think Positive, Mama :)


  1. Well that's a bummer! When did he turn into the Hulk? He was perfectly delightful on Saturday. Poor bug!

    1. He was pretty delightful on Saturday - he's generally good so long as he's busy - but he barely ate and was up screaming all night long :(