Thursday, September 12, 2013

Allergy Friendly Snacks and Treats - Divvies

At this year's Kids With Food Allergies Expo, I had the chance to try a bunch of different allergy-friendly snacks and treats.  Aidan can't eat any of them now, but I think it's my motherly duty to try them all.  For later.  And for deliciousness.

The first sample that I tried was Divvies Sugar Cookies.

The Company: Divvies sells allergy friendly cookies, cupcakes, gourmet flavored popcorn, and chocolates.  There's even a cookbook!

The Website:

The Allergy Factor: The entire facility is free of peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, and dairy.  The Sugar Cookies I tried noted that they contained wheat and may contain soy.  "May Contain Soy" in this case means that there is possible cross-contamination with soy lecithin and/or highly refined soybean oil.  This makes it probably okay for most soy-allergic people, but please ask your doctor, not your blogger.

The Look: They look totally normal!  Just like you'd expect a sugar cookie to look.  There's even a dusting of sugar granules.  I caught myself thinking that it looked just like a real cookie.  Duh.  It is a real cookie.  A really safe one.
The Smell: It smelled great.  Sweet and vanilla-y.  This was exciting - a lot of allergy-friendly and specialty prepackaged foods don't smell like anything, and I find this really disappointing.

The Texture: This is probably the second most important part to me.  A cookie needs the right texture.  Too soft, and you've got mush.  Too hard, and you've got dessicated charcoal.  Only Chips Ahoy can get away with serving me a jawbreaker and keep me coming back for more.  Divvies really got it right.  Just the right amount of crunch, while still keeping enough of a moist, chewy cookie texture.  Not too hard or dry.  I think I'm in love.

The Taste: Drumroll Please?  They're delicious!  Seriously, they're really good.  And I've heard the other flavors are even better.  They really do taste like a sugar cookie - maybe a little bit less sweet than most prepackaged sugar cookies, but still very, very good.  No weird aftertaste either, which I'm always half-expecting from "specialty" foods. 

The Final Verdict: I do not have peanut, egg, or dairy allergies - and I'd definitely still choose these over other cookies.  In fact, it's a new goal of mine to try EVERYTHING Divvies has to offer!  Those cupcakes are calling my name :)

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  1. This is awesome! Thank you so much for the rave review! xoxo Divvies