Saturday, July 27, 2013

A weekend away

I think the idea started out kind of like this:

Tom: let's drive until we want to slit our wrists, then check into a hotel room that our darling son will trash in nanoseconds before declaring it "not home" and thus unacceptable for sleeping purposes. Perhaps also we might take turns seeing who can scream loudest, but Aidan will usurp all available turns. 
Me: OMG yes please, let's do that!
Aidan: As you wish, my lieges!

(Note: my memory of this conversation may/may not be colored by subsequent events. Probably not though.)

But really, we needed a little time away, and Tom has been wanting to get back to see Penn State for a while now. Our normal bag of tricks is starting to wear thin on Aidan, so I thought he might enjoy a change of scenery.  See photo below, in which Aidan is only slightly more than thoroughly unimpressed.  (Why I thought that my son, who can't handle transitioning from his room to the living room, would enjoy a change of scenery is really anyone's guess.)

What I can say is that we are pretty much pros at this whole packing thing. All feeding supplies and meds in a Thirty-One medium utility tote, fridge meds and ice packs in a lunch break thermal, clothes and special pillows (we each have one, actually) in a large utility tote, toys and crayons in a littles carry-all caddy, and we're ready to roll. Also? Stylish. 

Worst part of travel? The boy doesn't sleep if he can see us. And this room isn't exactly palatial. 

Sleep is for losers. Team Shields? FULL OF WIN!

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  1. Travel with a toddler is so much fun. He is just adorable