Friday, November 16, 2012

This Mom's Christmas List

Christmas Approaches!  What's on your list this year?  I'm going to pretend that I don't feel like life's falling apart, and instead, I'll write a post all about me and what I'm lusting after this year.

Mama's wishlist:

Feeding Tube Awareness I <3 A Tubie Hoodie - I want this really badly.  It's too cold out to really sport my I <3 A Tubie T-Shirt while we're out and about, so this is a must-have and I am really hoping that Santa comes through.  My kid hates Santa though, so he might be passing our house by this year.

Kristine's Keepsakes Hand Stamped Washer Necklace - I would totally personalize this, too.  I'd get our birthstones (mine, Tom's, and Aidan's), and have it engraved with "Amor Meae Vitae" - which means "Love of my Life" in Latin, and is engraved on my Wedding Ring.

Sodastream - This isn't happening.  I know this isn't happening.  It won't stop me from wanting one really badly.  I drink so much soda, I keep trying to convince myself/Tom/total strangers that it's actually the economical thing to do.

A Giftcard - I don't have a job, we all know this.  I'd love to be able to shop guiltlessly for myself and/or my baby boy.  Amazon, Babies R Us, it doesn't even matter. 

A really, really nice video monitor - This feels less like a luxury item and more like a necessity for a tubie mom.  I'd love to have a monitor that I can carry around my house so that at any given moment I can be assured that my child hasn't fashioned a noose from his feed set.  Instead, I have a consignment sale find that weighs like 20lbs and is semi-permanently anchored to my bedside table.

Fitbit - I love gadgets.  I'm working on losing weight and getting more active.  This seems like a no-brainer.

If on Christmas morning, I woke up to every single one of these things under our tree, I would trade them all without a moment's hesitation for Sherry to be alive and well again and for grandma to be happy, healthy, and cancer-free. 

On a lighter note - Tom, if you're reading this - buy that sweatshirt, okay?  The necklace would be nice too ;-)

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  1. Aldosterone are excellent. We go through 1-2 bottles of 'fizzy water' a day. Love it!