Monday, November 5, 2012

Our Hearts are Heavy

I didn't have to be anything to her. 

I'm her ex-husband's daughter with his other ex-wife.

She didn't have to call.  She didn't have to write.  She didn't have to love me, or my brother.  She didn't have to keep in touch, or make sure we knew our younger siblings.  She didn't have to care about us, even when we moved thousands of miles away. 

My mom raised us to believe that "you don't divorce children." Obviously her mom raised her the same way.  Never, ever, did she treat us like anything less than one of her own.  That's just the woman she was.  And that's how it is that, while I have no grandparents, aunts, or uncles on my father's side - I have them on my Stepmom's side.

They are beautiful people - all of them.  Kind and loving.  Accepting.  But nobody more than Sherry.  I won't say that we loved her, because our love didn't stop Saturday morning as she took her last breath.  Our love won't ever stop. 

We love you, Sherry.  You were are the most amazing Stepmom I could have ever asked for, and I am so lucky to have had you in my life.  Aidan is just as proud to be your grandson as you are to be his Grandma - and I won't ever let him forget the time you two spent together.  When he snuggles that absurdly large sock monkey, he will *always* know that Grandma Sherry got it for him - carrying it in on her back, no less.

I wish I had more photos.

I wish we had more visits.

I wish there was more time.

I wish I had better words.

I am holding these memories safely in my heart.  Thank you so much for everything that you shared.  No fight was ever fought harder.  We love you so much.  Rest in peace.

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