Monday, September 10, 2012

What I wouldn't give for a button kit....

Behold, a Button Kit (this specific kit belongs to  This holds everything we need to change Aidan's button in the event that it needs to be replaced.  A new button, a button introducer, a catheter tip syringe, a slip tip syringe, a packet of lube, a continuous feeding set, a bolus feeding set, sterile gauze, and some helpful literature.

Behold, what we received from Interventional Radiology after surgery:

I guess I should be thankful we got the feeding sets?  And hope the balloon doesn't deflate, because we don't own the appropriate syringes needed for refilling?  And who needs that pesky "helpful literature" anyway?

Come on, IR.  I'm roughly one zillion percent sure you billed my insurance for the entire kit.  Is passing it along really too much to ask?

(Rhetorical question, obviously.  It's far too much to ask.  I asked anyway, and was told that they don't give out the syringes because they don't like to encourage parents to check the balloons too often.  Which is absurd.  Without the syringes, I am completely unable to care for this tube.)

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  1. What!? We are told to check the balloon weekly. WTH!?