Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How To... Overnight Bag!

Does he need to stay overnight?

Nope!  We'll be home this afternoon!

Sooo...  What's that?

My overnight bag.

Yeah, I've met our son.  And I've been to CHOP.  There's no way whatsoever I'd be setting foot in that hospital with that kid without an overnight bag in the car.  And I've gotten really good at packing one.  I feel kind of like a foreign correspondent, or a high-powered consultant.  Overnight-bagging is an art form.  I used to bring soooo much more.  But I've got it down to a science.  The barest essentials.  Everything else is either unnecessary, or can be obtained there.

  • Change of clothing that's comfortable enough to sleep in but still passes for daytime attire.  Extra shirt, because you *will* be vomited on.
  • Toothbrush, deodorant, contact lens case with solution, hair scrunchie.  
  • iPad with kindle app, netflix app, facebook app.  Charger (doubles as phone charger)
There's really nothing more I need for a night at the hospital.  Clothes.  Bathroom necessities.  Entertainment.  There are other comforts that help when you're there for days - but at that point, someone is coming from home to see the little hamsteak anyway.  They can bring what you need.

Do you have a "just in case" bag that comes to hospital visits with you?  What's in it?

What kind of Thirty-One Consultant would I be if I didn't pack into a super cute bag??

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