Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Updates from Aidan

This week, Mommy took me to see Miss Gail.  I think Miss Gail lives at the Doctor's Office, because she's always there.  That doesn't sound like very much fun to me, but Miss Gail always seems happy to be there.  I wonder if she likes looking at the fishies on the ceiling as much as I do.  I bet she does because she's so cool like that.  Anyway, we went to see Miss Gail because Mommy said Miss Gail must really be wondering how big I was.  Mommy must have been right, because the very first thing to happen there was that I had to get on the scale.  I started crying, because I hate when everyone pokes at me, and I always get poked after sitting on the scale.

Mommy cried a little bit too.  She said she was happy that I was such a big, big boy.  But that's weird, because I cry when I'm hungry or scared or crankapotamus.  But she didn't look crankapotamus at all, so maybe she really was happy.  Moms are so funny sometimes.

Miss Gail said I weighed 21lb 10oz and Mommy was excited because last time I was only 21lb 3oz.  So this time, I was bigger.  Mommy always worries that I'm too little but that's silly because I'm obviously a Big Boy.

Miss Gail looked in my ears and my mouth and I hate when she does that.  Mommy asked lots of questions about my medicines and I got so excited because I love taking medicine!  It tastes so much yummier than my icky milk.  Sometimes my Mommy puts my medicine in my tubie, and that makes me kind of sad, because she never lets me eat anything good.  But she says some medicine tastes ickier than icky milk.  I'm not sure.  Maybe Mommy has never tried icky milk.

Mommy and Miss Gail kept making me walk around and were talking about my feet a lot.  Probably because they're so cute.  Miss Gail said that a new doctor wants to look at my feet too, probably because he's never seen such cute little feet.  Mommy said we can't go until Halloween, but if I'm really good, maybe I can wear my costume!  Mommy said the new doctor would be at CHOP, and that's great because I love that place!

When we were all done, Miss Gail let me pick two stickers.  I put one on my leg and I kept the other one for later.  Mommy said I could hold it in the car if I promised not to eat it.  I promised, and then I was super good and I really didn't eat it, even though I knew it would be really funny to eat it after Mommy said no.

I have to go to CHOP later this week with my Mommy for patches.  I'm not sure exactly what patches are, but I'm sure they're not going to be smelly, itchy, and stuck to me all weekend.  My Mommy totally would have warned me!

- Aidan

Thanks for reading Aidan's thoughts on life.  We had a good week and look forward to seeing Ortho to assure us that his foot will self-correct.  We're not sure what's wrong, except that it didn't look like this before, and now it does.  I'm not too too worried, because he has a great range of motion and isn't in any pain at all, but we'd like to have it checked out.  We wish we could get in before October 31st, but it's better than the original appointment (in mid-DECEMBER!)

We're all nervously excited for Patch Testing - hopefully another step in the right direction toward getting our boy fed!

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  1. So happy you had a good week! And you know? Aidan is blowing Carina out of the water! She still isn't 20 lbs. yet. Good for you, and him, Momma <3