Monday, August 27, 2012

Introducing: Medical Me!

When we go somewhere scary, we like to take Puppy.  Puppy has been with us since Aidan got his tube, and he's fluffy, huggable, and - well - Rose-like.  I mentioned Aidan's total adoration for all things Dog, right? 

So, here's a problem I never anticipated: Puppy broke.  Oh. My. Gosh.  Puppy broke.  Puppy's in need of a skilled needle-and-thread surgeon, which I am not.  While he awaits his surgery, I'm left to figure out how to soothe a nervous toddler at CHOP.  And then I remembered...

We have a Medical Me!

I've been waiting to introduce him, and I'm not even sure why.  I felt like I'd know when the time was right.  Here we are.  The time is most assuredly right.

Meet Baby Aidan. 

Just like my Aidan, Baby Aidan has light brown hair, beautiful hazel eyes, and a sweet smile.  He loves his blankie and his mission in life is to be Big Boy Aidan's friend :)

Baby Aidan comes to us from a wonderful woman named Chelsea over at Cerebral Palsy Mentor.   Chelsea created the very first Medical Me for her own son to help explain the confusing, scary world of surgeries, doctor visits, and tests.  This seemed like such a natural fit for Aidan!

With my help, and photos of Aidan, Chelsea chose a beautiful Haba Doll to start with.  She altered his eye color to make him *just right* and added the final touch.  I'm sure you can guess...

Yup.  Baby Aidan's a Tubie too :)

Today is a big day for Baby Aidan.  He needs to have OT this morning, and then he will run off some energy at Gymboree, and then he is going down to CHOP to have his patch tests read.  Coincidentally, Big Boy Aidan's schedule looks... pretty similar...

Stay tuned for pictures!!


  1. Baby Aidan is so cute! I hope everything goes well today and that Big Boy Aidan loves his new buddy!

  2. That is so amazing! Hope he loved his baby Aidan.