Monday, July 30, 2012

Toddle Along Tuesday - Babies and their Pets!

DeeTeeTat!  DeeTeeTat!

I close my eyes and halfheartedly hope that my son is being gentle.  What can I say, I'm the optimistic sort.  The fastest-moving gray blur you ever (almost) saw confirms that he could still use some practice on that one.  But hey, we're getting there.

We're a four-pet household, and it can be a bit crazy.  The Boys (Stormy & Davey) and The Girls (Analaigh & Rose) have been given a run for their money by our Little Mister.

Davey and Aidan have an understanding.  Davey sits in his "spot" behind the couches and Aidan doesn't (often) try to storm the castle.  Davey doesn't mind being admired from afar, and Aidan's usually content to point and shout at the "DeeTeeTat."

Stormy is another story entirely.  He was my baby, the first little guy that I ever brought home.  He has struggled to adjust to a new baby.  Aidan's newborn pictures were photobombed by an angry, jealous cat.

As Aidan grew, Storm's hatred gradually turned to disdain.  Certain behaviors on my part probably didn't help...  But, you know, bygones...

We've reached an uneasy truce, by which I mean Aidan desperately tried to pet him, hug him, kiss him, and talk to him - all while Stormy alternates running away, hiding, and ignoring the household toddler.

Things got more interesting over the past few months.  When we moved into our new house, The Girls came with us.  The Girls are nothing like The Boys.  They're loud and waggy and licky and excited and shy and confusing, all at once.  And Aidan is fascinated!

Analaigh is the reserved type.  She's not sure why Aidan's so loud, and so fast, and so insane.   A picture of the two of them together would be a huge rarity.  Wherever Aidan is, Analaigh isn't.  He's just too much puppy for her.  We're striving for peaceful coexistence, and I really think we're getting there :)  I think this picture sums them up so well.  Aidan's running, screaming, and being 18 months old.  Analaigh is sniffing something really far away and trying to forget he's there.

Aidan doesn't seem to notice or mind that Analaigh's keeping her distance.  This is because of Rose.  Ohhhh, Rose.  There have been days that the moment his eyes pop open in the morning, he starts gleefully shouting ROW!  We can't pass the basement door without Aidan attempting to pry it open while begging to see Rose.  For her part, Rose loves it.  She loves the attention, she loves the love, and she loves that boy.  His face is lickin' height!  I see the two of them being best friends for years to come - I think he'd follow anywhere Rose wanted to lead.

My husband and I may not agree 100% on this, but I think no little boy's life is complete without a pet to love.  And love them he does - loudly, enthusiastically, and with all his heart.  And they're...  well they're hanging in there...

(Thanks so much to Kingston Ko for all of his amazing photography!  Head on over and check out his work on facebook!)

This week's Toddle Along Tuesday topic is babies and pets! Share some cute photos of your little ones and furbabies! I am fully prepared to die from cuteness. There are no rules here, except that you link up a relevant post (old or new) rather than your whole blog.


  1. Hahah, so cute! I love the disgruntled kitty with newborn pic, too funny!

  2. Ha! My husband and I aren't exactly in agreement on the pet 'thing' either - I think 'the more the merrier!' and he had to be convinced for just one cat... I'll wait on the dog until Clara can use her own 'puppy dog eyes' to convince him!

  3. I agree with Melissa, the kitty photobomb is hilarious! Aiden is so handsome. :)

  4. Love the photos!! And I'm sure that he and Rose will be best buds. :)

  5. Such cute pictures and an awesome photobomb! :)

  6. Visiting from last week's Toddle Along Tuesday (there isn't one this week)! Following you :)