Friday, July 6, 2012

Fun Finds - American Girl???

I'll confess, this isn't my fun find.  American Girl is rarely on my shopping list.  Earlier this week, I saw this posted on FEAST's facebook page and just **had** to share.

It's allergy awareness at its finest (and funnest, too!)

My American Girl® dolls can enjoy a make-believe lunch that's allergy-safe:
  • A pretend berry smoothie, container of vegetables, and two sandwich skewers
  • A medical bracelet and allergy stickers to keep her safe while she snacks
  • A faux allergy shot, just in case
  • A fabric lunch bag to hold it all

Okay, so obviously My American Girl isn't wheat-allergic.  And milk's not a problem.  And I bet that smoothie doesn't come with a reliable top-8 warning on the label.  And shouldn't she be carrying a second Epi-Pen?  But I really love that food allergies are becoming so mainstream.  I genuinely believe that play is a fantastic way to make confusing things less scary for children.

Do your little girls play with My American Girl dolls?  Will you consider buying this playset for her?


  1. Thanks for sharing - my niece has food allergies and has to have an epipen, she will be so excited that her American Girl doll has one too!

  2. That's awesome! We recently got an American Girl doll (like how I said "we"??) and I'm looking for accessories to make play time more real. My girl may not have food allergies, but I think it is awesome that this set comes with these things!

  3. That is really cute, and such a great idea!