Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Quick Update

A Quick Update, because it's been forever!

Life as we know it is nothing like life as we used to know it.  Seriously.  Poor Aidan has been through so much change lately, and all I can do is stand back and admire how he handles everything.

From the medical side - He was scoped, it went well, results came in, they were more or less ok (more on that later), and we are keeping him on Elecare Jr. for now.  His next procedure is a tube change in IR on July 9th.  He is still very slow to gain weight - weighing in at 25 pounds even.  He has been struggling for the past week with a Strep Infection around his tube site, and the antibiotics make his tummy feel gross.  Poor Buglet.

From the Early Intervention side - We have new therapists galore!  We were finally assigned a Social Worker to help us navigate the sea of medical assistance paperwork.  We also have our speech therapist every other week, and a behavioral therapist weekly, and a sensory therapist weekly.  So far, I really like them all.  I feel like we've really lucked out this time around.  More on all of that later too!

On the Home Front - Megan and the dogs no longer live with us.  From our perspective, it wasn't sudden or unexpected, but it's certainly a change for Aidan.  Aidan is also no longer being nannied by Megan - and is no longer with his two best friends all day long.  THAT has been a tough change - every time we go down in the basement, he asks for Teddy and Chase.  It's heartbreaking.  But he has been in his new daycare for a week now and he's adjusting really well.  Dropoffs are difficult (aren't they always?) but the teachers are so sweet  and so willing to work with us.  I want need this to work out so, so badly.  More on this later too, I suppose.

We're hanging in there.  We're still smiling.  HE is, anyway!

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  1. Glad things are going well for you guys! Sad about everyone leaving your house though :( transitions are tough. I hope that it was all on good terms, though!