Thursday, December 13, 2012

Omelets and Influenza

I've written before about the flu shot.  Do we get it?  Do we skip it?  With an egg-allergic kid, it's been tough to figure out what to do.  And I really haven't gotten a ton of helpful advice from our doctors, to be honest.

But according to information released this year, several studies have provided more evidence that the flu shot is safe even for those who are anaphylactic to eggs.  In fact, the CDC officially no longer considers egg allergy to be a contraindication to receiving the flu shot.

Accordingly, there have been some changes to the recommended procedure for egg-allergic individuals:

  • skin testing is no longer necessary prior to receiving the flu shot
  • two-step administration is no longer necessary
  • Children with a history of hives reactions may receive the flu shot at their pediatrician's office.  Children with a history of egg-induced anaphylaxis may receive the flu shot at their allergist's office

This is really exciting news, and I felt very confident as I had Aidan's shot done by his doctor this year.  For what it's worth, no reaction whatsoever :)    

The benefits outweigh the risks, guys.  Please get those flu shots, at least for the little ones.  A toddler with flu complications like pneumonia, bronchitis, or worse is just heartbreaking. 

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